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The world in which we live today has challenged businesses all over the world to constantly seek and develop new and innovative ways to sell services and products.  The aim of your  branding is to attract and retain potential clients.

Understand that your brand is NOT just your logo of beautiful colors and elements, it is who you are and the value you add to your clients.

UDC understands that value is one of the most essential elements in maintaining long-term consumer relationships. Your brand value is essential to delivering a superior customer experience. 

Untouchable Designz & Consulting Branding

Our goal is to provide exceptional service and professional consulting to every client.  With our team of committed and skilled professionals, UD is equipped to network with businesses and individuals to produce innovative, creative, and custom solutions.


Collect Data

Design Draft

Final Delivery

Clarify Need

Draft Delivery
& Revision



UD has several options for printing. Most printing jobs are outsourced. ​

Turn-around times are subject to vendor processing times and will be communicated until project completion.


  • ​Small-size companies: Churches and non-profits, local businesses, and schools.

  • Personal: Individuals needing assistance with personal design.

  • Med-Large scale companies: Established businesses seeking graphic design services.​

Design services involve the creative skill to create customized designs that suit your business and personal needs.


Designs can be as small or large, colorful or uncolorful as the client prefers.​To ensure we capture the clients vision , we offer a free 15-minute consultation.

​Our services offer the flexibility and convenience of having a qualified graphic consultant who will turn your ideas  into visual presentations.

We take pride in delivering cutting edge custom designs and  100% satisfaction guarantee.​

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